• Sweet Sparkling White Wine (Moscato)

  • Grapes: Moscato Grape, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay Brut

  • Bella Donna in Italian means "Beautiful Woman." This wine is beautiful! Strong notes of apple, pears and fresh berry nectar, crisp and smooth. Refreshing and enjoyable! Perfect for all occasions. Sweet and fruity. Notes of pear banana tart and citrus apricot jam. Sparkling and decadent. Perfect for desserts or just a relaxing afternoon. Smooth as silk, addicting nose of fresh berries and whipped cream. Monte Maria produces this wine for all the beautiful women out there who enjoy a good glass of wine, that’s why this wine was named "Belladonna."

  • Best as Aperitif or Dessert. Serve with Fresh Berries, Warm Pie, Chocolates and Cocoa Desserts, Gourmet Cheeses. Monte Maria "Belladonna" – enjoy with your loved one.

  • Best serve chilled!

  • Available 750ml only

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